For those that connect with this, with love

15th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

The energies around us have been really interesting this last few days, the intensity of the waves coming in have been felt within all systems and spaces. It is affecting us all whether one is conscious of what is occurring or not, so this is typed in case it does help someone to be reminded it’s not just you, you’re not going crazy. Today feels a little lighter, you may have felt the physical body not having the energy, stamina or the ability as it normally would to power through as if you have had the wind taken out of your sales a little or a lot. Sleep may have been plentiful but awaking feeling you haven’t slept, vivid dreams and old past experiences coming in. Some may have been feeling a little in and out of the body at times, as if here but not here for a moment, within one dimension and then back again type feeling which can feel confusing and a little or a lot anxiety provoking or unsettling at times if you allow it or attach to it with the mind and engage fear. All is okay breathe. You may feel sensations within the solar plexus and lower chakras, the Crown as the energies move through you. Ground, ground, ground, hydrate, do what you need to but really listen to your body and what it is asking of you through this time of deep integration. If you feel this and it hasn’t lifted yet give it a day or so and you should start to feel a lightness and a clarity of mind come back to you. The physical body is dense and so it is the slowest to catch up so allow it gentleness as it does what it needs to integrate the Light incoming. However this is playing out for you within your body, mind and heart be gentle with yourself do what nurtures and supports you and your entire being. The lower vibrations crumble as this extremely powerful light enters. Keep reminding yourself you are creating your new now, allow what wants to crumble to crumble, resistance will increase the feelings and amplify the churning up you feel in your body and life. Be fluid, flow no matter how you feel, softly does it, nature, nurture, water, cleanse in the ocean or salt baths.

The speed of what is occurring is like nothing else and it does tend to feel we are being knocked about a little, our concept of time feels changed as everything feels so quick and this has very much to do with our shifting from 3D to 5D where everything feels fluid.

All we experience at this time especially is asking us to love ourselves more, through any experience choose to love yourself more, more than what triggers you, more than what frustrates you, more than the doubts and fears, through all that arises CHOOSE to love yourself MORE for as you do it holds you powerfully within your Light and above sinking into the shadow. Observe, acknowledge, listen and choose to love yourself more, recognise that all is guiding you back to yourself and what you are at your very core, Love.

Keep your focus and intent on love and in the now be present with yourself, rise dear hearts. Stay within yourself and consciously keep choosing to remove yourself from focusing too much on what is crumbling or shifting in the world. This will help you to stay in a better, higher energetic space.

Much Love xxx

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