Todays Messages with Love

16th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The way you think, feel and thus now react (decide, choose) has changed so much over the course of this year. Your inner shifts have been massive to say the least, you won’t be aware consciously of the complex depth and magnitude of it all but you will have noticed subtle shifts and changes within yourself. So many have been digging deep within themselves, and for many it hasn’t felt a ‘choice’ but what has been required to find greater balance and to expand past where you have been stuck or stagnant, dissatisfied in your life, your thinking, being and doing.

We have been opening to allow ourselves to ‘see, feel’ hold greater awareness into more of what is no longer serving us particularly that which is keeping us within a stagnant or restricted space, this is the letting go and at the same time we are asked to also be open, be expanded. Being open to receive, to open to what is wanting to be in our worlds, open to Light. Is it both things at the same time, allowing, letting go (release/change) and opening to receive with love and gratitude. Whilst being thankful for all that is currently present now. It can feel a juggling act at times or the two to be a little or a lot unbalanced at times but we are all learning to ‘BE’ within a fuller acceptance and trust that all that occurs is perfect, is Divine, is growth, is Love, all. This all serves to allow us to connect with greater harmony within and allows us to move through, no matter the experience, with our higher wisdom gained, with more ease and grace, more groundedness.

You are so much more aware of what you don’t want and are encouraged lovingly to keep following the path of least resistance in trust. Inviting in to your life, holding intention to receive what fills you up, that which nourishes and expands you, that is joyful and allows you to be more of your authentic self, so you can continue to show up and allow yourself to be seen in more of your expanded light, expanded heart, true self.

Keep letting go and keep opening to more of you by choosing to not hang on to what is ready to shift. See all is a part of the Divine plan, listen to your knowing, your heart and the higher realms, your Soul and Higher Consciousness as it communicates to you. All serves to assist you to expand when ready into the new cycles that are ready to open to you just on the other side of your letting go, your trust. Follow what you are being called to. Keep releasing and recognising the internal stories that are connected to any fears of change, of the unknown. Keep consciously asking for your fears to be handed over to the higher intent of love.

“I (your name) choose, to see opportunity within all experience”.

“I (your name) choose, to surrender my (human) will to that of (my) Divine will”.

With much Love xxx

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