Open to ALL your Senses

31st January 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today’s message comes speaking of awareness to all the information we are receiving, which is referring to not what is being processed by the logical mind, the brain, we have this in spades, but that which can shut down or we can switch off within busyness and being too much within the mind, that which is our other senses, that which the body communicates, the heart communicates, the gut. We are continuously receiving information from not only everything around us, as all is energy we interact with and within, but through our energy centres, the chakras. We can become so used to shutting off from what we are being communicated to through these energy centres that we are missing out on so much that is constantly guiding us in all ways.

As we step into February tomorrow, and why the message of being ‘present within yourself’ aware of yourself has been coming in a lot lately as February is a month that you will not only feel your momentum creeping back in, your energy picking up, but feel a greater sense of being grounded and centred within yourself, a sense of stability solidifies, feel more back in the driver’s seat. With this we can go two ways, one being easily able to fall back into routines that take us out of being present and into what we have known to be busyness and mental dominance or we can continue to make commitment to ourselves and those new ways of being that are available to us. To check in with the self within the day, where is your head at are you mindlessly running from one thing to another or are you going about your to do’s with presence?

February is like our ease into the year month, January was the completion of cycles and integration, February will continue to be integration and thus why presence is called for so you can connect with all the information and guidance you are receiving but also so you can make the best choices and decision for you going forwards. This is the new way of being, slowing it down doesn’t mean you wont get things done but that what you choose to do aligns with what you want to do and what serves you, what fills you and even if it is not feeling it fills you up you are able to move within peace throughout and mental detachment so the heart can be more present.

A reminder that you are ultimately opening up in deeper and more expansive ways, opening to yourself. You are emerging as more of your true self. You are learning trust, patience, and your past experiences over the last few years have greatly helped with this, to not only trust yourself more, realise the powerful being you are to create in your life, what serves and what doesn’t, but what to share, what to hold off expressing to allow it to be held in your heart to be nurtured until it is ready to come into form whether through words or actions.

With love to all xxx

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