Keep the Dream Alive

17th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

A strong profound flow of love sweeps around us today, and when I feel in to it its message is not give up, lose hope or feel into despair within all that is occurring within the world, for that would be easy to do at times, yes?! This is the exact message today that what is occurring outside of you and not in your immediate reality/field is not something that you should really be overly concerning yourself with. It does not mean ignoring or turning a blind eye, being ignorant of the worlds events, rather not overly involving yourself with what is outside of the self, to allow it to consume you and thus affect your peace, your inner sanctuary. Especially so if you are also dealing with things in your own immediate realm added with the weight of that which is outside of the self and you start to add strain, stress and feel dis-ease within. This greatly effects the mental and emotional bodies and the heart.

Do what you can to stay in your own lane, stay within yourself and nurture your inner garden, do what brings your own inner joy, your inner peace. Many of us have enough going on in our own lives that we don’t need to add to it all by allowing the outer goings on to weigh on us. Watch what you take in within the news, social media, what you read and allow to penetrate your energy field. Discernment, discern what is true what feels right for you, your body will guide you, you will intuitively know or have the thought that this is not something you need to read, watch. It does have an effect, so pay attention and be mindful of what you are feeding yourself, what you are allowing to be a part of your day and a part of your energy. Nurture the seeds, feed the seeds that which grows love and peace for you.

Keep holding your visions, your plans, your ideas and your dreams and know deeply, trust that if you take the steps and act when it feels most aligned, whilst holding faith and flowing with life rather than resisting or fighting it you walk your highest path. Be present within yourself and within your own life so you see, sense, feel all that is going on, you become much more aware of the synchronicities and the offerings that are being given. Trust that there is also a Divine plan and that it has its own timing for the highest and greatest good of all. FAITH.

Really paying attention to your intuition at this time as it is easy to fob it off or within a moment ignore and blank out what you are receiving, and in a flash you are on to the next thought. You are being closely guided to your next steps, so being in a space that you are honouring you, staying within your own bubble of bliss and not filling it up with everything that is not yours is the space to strive for.

If your head is full at this time pay attention to where you are spending your time, emotions, mental mind and thus energy. Are you running around and doing for others and not paying attention to your own needs? Remember its not selfish when we allow others to be responsible for themselves, so many of us have been people pleasers for far too long and we cannot function like this anymore. We can achieve and be so much more, hold so much more love for others when we first hold it for ourselves.

Much Love xxx

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