Love Flows through you

5th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

You are a sacred vessel for love to flow through. The Divine is Love and in essence so are you. Trust the messages of your heart as they guide you, trust in yourself and your ability to make change, to follow through, to create and shift yourself and your life for the better, know you are worthy, more than capable and able, you truly are. Keep trying, don’t give up, keep letting go, keep surrendering your (human) will to that of (your) Divine Will, keep bringing in forgiveness for yourself and/or others (if possible) or release at least of self or others for what you still hold on to, keep seeking resolution for what is no longer working for you. If you can’t seem to find the answer or the way just yet it will come, ask for what you want, be clear in what you ask for. Ask for the space to be made available to you, the guidance to be given, the insight or what you may be blinded to to be shown to you so you can move forwards. Trust that when you ask you will receive, it may be instant it may not, it may be days, and be prepared that it may not come in the way, shape or form your (human self, personality/ego) expected it to. Sometimes we have to decipher, interpret, ask more questions, take one step at a time that leads you in the end to what you asked for or even better, possibly in a newer form. BE open. It is then your responsibility to be aware, open to what is being given to you within message, thought, signs, synchronicities, that rises from within that light the way, that give you the clues and the breadcrumbs to help you. Trust the messages of your heart even if they feel at odds with your mind, explore them sit with them, open to them. Those in the higher realms are communicating with you in every moment, the Universe and All there is continually communicates as does every-thing around you, let the mind take a back seat be less inclined to act on impulse or immediate mind/mental reaction, take a pause feel into all that you are receiving within that moment of presence of pause.

Call forth Archangel Gabriel for assistance in clear communication and resolution within relationships of any kind, family, business, groups, all.

Call forth Archangel Raphael for safe passage in your travels, ask him to clear the path ahead of you so each journey, each step you take whether at the shops, elsewhere in your home, is bathed in his light, ask this to be for today and all days.

Call forth Archangel Uriel and ask him to bless your Light, ask him to assist you within situations where you may judge, yourself or others, and guide you to know your Light your love from the depth of your being.

With Much Love xxx

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