Deep Shifts

14th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Deep shifts are continuing to occur, it is felt but the connection to clear awareness of exactly what is occurring is not there, just yet. Just as many things in life at this time, direction, clarity of mind may feel difficult to grasp. Continue to find the pause, the peace within the minds want to have it all worked and planned out, to understand, to judge, be patient and find peace within your human process at this time as there is much moving as we come to be within the pre-eclipse energies as has been mentioned. The head and the throat, the heart all being illuminated as points within release and energetic change. As release occurs thus change occurs so again know that all which is illuminated, that triggers is meant to be for your greater awareness to assist within the processes occurring. Enabling change and (our) greater freedom and thus greater creative potential to birth from within. Deep clearing through the heart which is triggering through the sub conscious mind as came through yesterday within long held beliefs connected to our worthiness.

Change continues deeply within all of us as we are continually guided to hold our Light and TRUST, be self-aware and disconnect from the personalities desire to form judgements and story around any thought, emotion, trigger that doesn’t feel joyful and FEEL what we are presented with from within to move through the experience. This is how we assist change from within and it does feel hard at times as we don’t like to feel the uncomfortable emotions (energies in motion) we are so used to seeking things to make us feel better, to comfort, to control our Souls want for BEingness with Doingness, to fix what we feel is wrong when in fact the way through is to allow, to keep the heart open. When we keep our heart open we can feel vulnerable and really uncomfortable as we don’t feel strong in this state, we don’t feel in our power when we feel exposed (open). This, however, is one of the most powerful and courageous things you can do to BE with what arises. Many of us have spent so long running away from ourselves, time to stop and feel courageous heart, time to know your power, your powerful self that leads you to your greater potential. For ALL is an opportunity to step into greater Oneness with Self and with All. Allowing instead of feeling we have to fix or alter means we can receive all the insight, information, learnings from the experience that invites release, opening us to more of ourselves and to form greater connection/merge with the higher self.

Keep going dear hearts for you are so supported, seen and hear in your heart’s desire to rise and know yourself as Source does, the powerful creator you are. Keep bringing in the Light of Source through your Crown, allow your connection ever-present to fill you and support you.

With much love xxx

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