Balance, Celebrate you & Centre within the Heart

23rd November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

What ‘little’ things that may have grown to be less tolerable have you become aware of? Some area in life we are still attached to the old routines and ways of being, this includes how we are showing up in our closest relationships, what we are still ‘overlooking’, within our own selves and others, what we are allowing to be that really doesn’t sit that well with us that rises as inner irritation or irritation towards another. What parts of you are you overlooking, where your efforts or trust don’t really feel honoured? Where are you not trusting yourself or limiting yourself that is now shaking the inner?

The balance of what we ‘allow’ and what we are actually taking ‘action’ on come to call, what’s being shown to you through your emotional, mental and even physical body systems? No surprise this comes up as we have the energies of the New Moon coming through gently supporting us to let go and release so we can welcome in what is more aligned and balanced within the head and the heart, and we also come into the winding up of the eclipse season (yay with a wink). All comes together as you continue to step forward with Soul guided determination to only have that within your life that feels good which has been your expanded intention now for some time to serve the self for your greater empowerment and love, your peace.

Honour and celebrate yourself and the decisions you have made over these last few months, some may have brought completion instantly, some may have brought change you are still walking through but don’t forget to celebrate the fact that you started, some you may still be navigating the ups and downs of decisions made as things come to shift and find space to settle, but know within all your resolve to keep at it, to anchor your light within your heart and keep stepping forward means you are shining brightly no matter how you feel in your human skin. So many learnings have been creating such transformational change within us all, so many done what feels the hard way but you are now implementing what you have needed to for some time.

Keep bringing your focus within, especially if things start to feel a little ragged emotionally or mentally the mind has taken over control. Bring it all back within and find your peaceful heart space. Soul is shining through and you are continuing to open to greater expressions of yourself, your authentic being, your love and your power as you continue to walk the path of a Soul and heart led lifetime.

Much Love xxx

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