For those that need this message

14th July 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today’s message comes specifically for those that need it, you will know if it resonates or get the aha light bulb around a person or situation you are within.

Are you experiencing within your day-to-day interactions with others, whether through your work, family or other relationships and dealings or other that anywhere were you are not truly within your power is coming up? Whether you may be giving power over to another or allowing another to project their own shadow onto you, where you allow it to be taken on (growth and deeper understanding of your power, sovereignty is processing within this).

All is to gift us with the insight through the experience if we can dig into it and see it for what it truly is, nothing to do with you but all about staying in your truth, integrity and authenticity.

Anywhere where you are consciously or unconsciously choosing to close your heart, or be open, where you feel supressed or restricted, the voice comes in here strongly (throat chakra) but also connected through he Heart (Heart Chakra). Letting go of others perceptions of you, the mistruths, all are entitled to their own perception, this comes in doubly particularly if you are empathic, people pleasing and taking on another’s projection, shadow can feel more intense. ALL comes to help us stand in our power to recognise where we give our power, our light our love away, anything that takes from us. All serves to open us to more of our Divine self, and our Divine self connection, our magic.

This stuff is ready to clear and thus it comes up, for some this is to assist you to start working with others, beliefs that sit within power over need clearing and attention as well as for those that are going to be working with others more intensely or in an even greater capacity. It is a beautiful gift, see it know it, gratitude for all.

Much Love xxx

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