Heart Expansion

17th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Again the message of the heart and the head (mind/brain) coming in today and it does so to assist us to bring us out of overthinking, away from being too absorbed or feeling stuck within the goings on of that which is outside of us and our own minds busyness, to guide us to come back to the consciousness that resides within the heart. This is where you access your truth for the mind, the brain although as said yesterday is a wonderful helper for many things but it is not the main register of your truth, your emotions, your higher wisdom.

Seek greater clarity and peace connect with higher consciousness and love by moving the head into the heart. Let go of trying to have everything in line, everything figured out everything in your control, for it can be exhausting, fatiguing, release the struggle. The space of the heart helps you to come into peace and flow, the more you connect with this centre the more you start to automatically create, be, do from this space.

We can forget about the wisdom held within the heart with all going on in our world of busyness and running around without conscious awareness to the self and what it truly feels wants and needs. It is also not meaning we forget about the head but allow both head and heart to work together, the masculine (head/brain) and the feminine (heart). The energies of the Divine Feminine are all around us opening and activating our hearts centres. As this is occurring in all of us you may find that you are more ‘emotional’ and this is because you are feeling more, emotions are the way the heart communicates with you and why it is so very important to not brush off or ignore, avoid our emotions, all serve all have purpose and are of equal value no matter how they feel, it is the human that likes to label or judge feeling. “With joy and gratitude welcome your shift into greater heart consciousness Dear Ones”.

‘Listen to what you truly need, what I am communicating to you with love to serve you’. This is the message of the heart and I feel this is about honouring your body’s needs at this time whether it’s for rest, movement, alone time, space, sunlight, more fun, water or all of this. Our bodies are going through an incredible time of change and they do need you to listen to what they require to help the process whether it be you are integrating, releasing, shedding etc. Listen to the heart it will guide you; it calls you to go within and listen to the wisdom present.

With much love xxx

(Image courtesy of Pixabay.com)