Allow, Open, BE

18th September 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Be flexible as best you can and if you find some things don’t pan out or move in the way you thought they would just be gently aware of your reactions, trigger and emotions around this. You don’t have to control anything, steer anything a certain way, see it calling you to allow, to just be, all is perfect. Look deeper. Flow with and within what is presenting, or not presenting and instead of being annoyed or frustrated at plans not going how you thought see the beautiful space that has been created for you, see the opportunity to choose peacefulness, openness to all and watch what and how it then unfolds for you. What then opens up from this space being created for you? What opportunity has this change of plan or direction offered you?

There are deeper things at play within what we perceive as just something not working out, plans being cancelled or rescheduling. Balance calls us to listen deeply to her at this time, flow, flow, flow for there is purpose in all occurrences dear hearts, all.

Opportunity calls, see the opportunity and space that is being created instead of reacting to change, change of plans, change of direction, change of time, from a space of fear or deep need to control that has been old programming, old pattern for so many. Allow curiosity, allow wonder, what can you now do within this space, what does it free you up to do, you don’t have to fill it is this just the point, to allow space to just be? Is this change confirmation of your knowing that it wasn’t entirely aligned and right for you?

We have been doing so much work, whether you have worked to called it forth consciously or not within healing, releasing, purging that it has felt a lot being thrown at us over the last few months from within and witnessed playing out in the outer. We now are approaching a time of opportunity as it feels that over the next few weeks a shift of what feels a more gentler more supportive energy starts to come in, this will trickle from this week but may take a few weeks for many to really connect with it more, we will sense and absorb it which helps support all our work done and bring renewed hope, faith that we really can walk within newness, a fresher perspective emerges that shows up in our physical reality the efforts of the work done. If new ideas and opportunities start to appear for you check in if they do feel aligned truly with the version of self you have become.

All has been working deeply within old beliefs, trauma, patterns, conditioning so we can come to know ourselves, know ourselves better as the beautiful beings of love we are, we are uncovering and rediscovering ourselves as vessels of unconditional love. Keep shining your light your love into the world. You are birthing a new way of being powerful Light, it is a process, go gently, go softly with compassion and grace for yourself, and others. You ARE magical starlight.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of unknown)