Forgiveness Release

16th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Release and forgiveness comes through today, letting go of the past especially that which you feel you made mistakes within, or wish you had done, said or acted/reacted differently. As you know we are guided to see anything we perceive as a mistake as opportunity for learning, growth and expansion of our wisdom, for there truly is growth in all, at the same time as being ‘human’ it can be hard also as we feel. They refer to the pain and unnecessary blame, shame and even guilt being held onto still within the cells that is calling for your attention, a revisit. So as came through the other day if you are experiencing memories surfacing of the past, random thoughts and images of times gone by, old experiences, check in with your heart, are you holding on to emotional grief here, what feelings arise?

Can you see where you are being shown through remembered thoughts, dreams, experiences where forgiveness of others, particularly yourself is calling? Forgiveness doesn’t mean you forget but n forgiveness we are able to bring in a form of peace to the heart and mind and gives your body permission to release the energy from within you. Be your own healer, become more aware of what is being shown to you by Soul for there is powerful opportunity for self-growth this week and you may be receiving insights in many ways showing you what you are ready to let go of, forgive and release so you can bring about the changes and manifestations you are wanting into form with greater ease and flow. Forgiveness and releasing the self will invite clearer flow.

There is an inner calm and certainty a strength rising from within many of you may receive moments of experiencing this, awareness of this already present within you, it is gaining momentum as you make purposeful choices to experience your life leading from the heart. Keep letting go and handing over any doubts, fears or concerns to your Soul, to the Divine.

Your power exists in your present moment, in your now, release the past forgive yourself for those times, choices and circumstances especially ones where you felt you were powerless to choose or control, and invite in greater freedom, empowerment and love, invite forgiveness.

How to bring about forgiveness with another

  • Sit in sacred space, in stillness where you will not be disturbed.
  • Taking a few deep breathes through the mouth into your belly, hold and release, repeat a few times, allowing your body to sink to relax. Closing down your eyes.
  • When you are ready call upon Archangel Michael to be present with you – call him in three times to be with you to assist with this process. Know he is with you even if you feel you cannot  sense or feel this, for he is.
  • See, sense, feel, imagine the person concerned  or situation in front of you. Don’t attach to it rise above it, see yourself rise above the timeline especially if it is was painful or traumatic.
  • Say – “I forgive you please forgive me; please forgive me I forgive you”
  • Ask Archangel Michael to completely cut through any and all cords, attachments and energies connecting you, the situation, circumstances and root  causes that have been present around this situation or person. See them all being dissolved back into Archangel Michael. And in their place being filled with unconditional love, light and healing within you.
  • See now all as clear, all energies and cords between you and the person or situation as being released and transmuted. See yourself as filled with unconditional love.
  • You may like to call in Mother Mary (3 times) and ask her to place you in a healing chamber for as long as is needed to integrate and allow all to settle.
  • Thank Archangel Michael, thank Mother Mary (if so) and be gentle with yourself for the rest of the day. You may experience release physically or emotionally, or nothing at all, all is okay, just allow whatever arises in whatever form to be, your body is amazing so let it do its thing however that looks.
  • You may like to do this a few times over a few days, be your own guide here, be your own powerful healer, until you feel a shift around this.

Much Love xxx

Wednesday's Encouraging Word - Forgiveness
Image courtesy of Roots and Wings Ministries International