Let go to Open & Communicate

10th September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Letting go of those old emotional attachments is what is coming up as the energies at this time are ‘huge’, with the Full Moon and lots of things planetary wise going on, there is a lot of energy swirling about. I don’t go into all of that deeply as we are going to feel what we feel and I’m all about conscious loving choice to move through what we do, or don’t feel, the best we can holding love. To use the energies to our advantage for all serves, the key is in our perception. Surrender to what is, allow, trust, connect with the heart, keep dropping the mind into the heart space if you find you are running with thoughts coming up as you let go of these attachments to things that you have been carrying. Nature will serve you well, even a walk around the suburbs in fresh air and sunlight does wonders to ground and reset. The ocean or salt baths. For those that are ‘feelers’ or sensitives cut cords with anything that is not yours (cord cutting in ‘Files’ at the top of the Group page. I will add a wording to disconnect from a ‘specific’ person, place, situation, in another file), as you may be attaching or picking up on the emotions of the Collective at this time. Check in with yourself and ask if you are feeling a little not yourself – “Is this mine?”, don’t over think it and be guided by the answer you receive in your mind or your body you are your best authority and guide.

Your awareness of self, how you ‘tick’ has expanded in such a way that you have been able to access greater clarity and insight within your experiences. You are so much better at putting into action what works for you and to be gentler on yourself when and where needed. Recognising when you slip within old emotional patterns and thoughts and doing your best to reset, release and choose differently has been a priceless practice as you are gaining greater mastery of the self. Recognising what is occurring, what the emotions and stories are attached to and finding the roots. You are making huge shifts within this process that are stepping you forward and opening doors. Trust this.

Keep surrendering and disconnecting from those things that aren’t serving, that don’t add value to your life. Communication is key at the moment as we are encouraged to speak up, from love, and express what we perhaps haven’t felt we had the courage, strength or confidence to do until now. Communicating want you need to others, not from anger or frustration but from a space of trust and honesty. What haven’t you voiced or opened up to another about especially with those closest to you? Are you ready to be vulnerable or feel you are more able to start to open your heart to express? We are being given a loving push to find the courage to speak, allow your authentic self to be heard and expressed.

With Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of secretserendipity.com)