All works to propel you forwards, in love

2nd August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Any tension or conflict that arises from within asks to be taken into the heart so the voice of love can be heard. If you are feeling pushed and pulled in different directions, mentally, emotionally or within your actual physical world know all at this time is serving change. Sometimes it can feel confusing and a little messy mentally as the mind loves to come in an over think things, seek to find a sense of control, seek reason for how we feel but more times than not this only adds to the sense of confusion. The best way is to sink into ‘allowing’ nothing is wrong, and if you seek clarity come back in to the heart, in stillness. Allow the weight of all within your mind and body to move through you, imagine, sense, feel, see it draining from your mind and sinking into the earth, just breath and reset. Do this as often as you need.

What is occurring here, ask your heart, are you full within of things that still need to be released and let go of, are you still holding resentment, anger, trauma, wounds that call for your forgiveness, love acceptance? Or have you packaged yourself up with so many routines and structures within your day that you simply have no room to breathe, to be. If you feel the constriction check in with your balance. You can move with these energies and have them working for you, move within and with them and not feel they are causing chaos in your world. Look deeper into your life and your day to day, look into your heart and the dreams that sit within, do you allow room to create and do or do you feel stuck? If you are full within and your physical reality is full you have no space for the new, for movement, this is the change that wishes to be.

Be aware of what and who you engage with that brings disruption or rattles your peaceful heart, choose wisely, with love, to detach from others dramas, if they aren’t travelling well you can love and support but not emotionally attach or take it n as your responsibility to fix. See yourself within a bubble of love, a pink and white light around you or maybe it’s a wall of love between you so that you keep yourself clear but can still hold space for another. Don’t seek to control or change another if relationship issues arise, and they very well may, seek to bring positive change as best you can remembering you can only truly do you, know when to walk away and when to stay quiet and just allow another to express without feeling the need to defend or react from old wounds. It’s a practice but one that will serve you well.

We are being guided to see where we are holding ourselves back and what we have not yet released in our lives that will assist us with moving forward. The energies of change come to propel and empower us and they rattle what is ready to awaken us further This may not feel comfortable for many so be mindful that you may find others projecting their stuff as they are not ready to look at it, and this is perfectly okay. This is why self-care and the body have been coming up over the last week or so more strongly, keep yourself clear, balanced and grounded, look after you and see the gift that these times bring to propel you forwards. Change your perspective and allow all to be in trust and flow from your heart. Seek flow in your day and allow yourself to move and shift, be flexible and you find yourself mastering the way with greater ease.

Blessings and Much Love xxx

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