Supported Change

25th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Our change is so very lovingly supported we are deeply embraced as we continue to make steps forward and bring into our own embrace and love all the parts of us that have been left behind unseen, unheard, unloved for so long. As our self-awareness expands which has been occurring at a rapid rate this year we seek to continue to look to change the patterns, the stories, the old ways of being we see clearly now don’t serve us, that which has tied us to playing small, feeling boxed in and limited. We are slowly and some rapidly feeling, seeing the expansiveness of who we are, as we further discover that limitation is only of our own creation
What isn’t yet visible to you is for reason, detach from the forcing and pushing nature that many of us can feel arise when we are passionate about creating, shifting or changing things. The space that you feel the buzz of energy within and you are eager to start to get to it but you feel nothing is happening can be because you are integrating, things are shifting on the inner and there is much dismantling and then rebuilding of the structures to support your wants and desires that you can’t see that needs to occur first before you can then feel the alignment, all anchor in and you ‘know’ you are ready, all is ready to support you to take the next step, to build on the foundations newly created. All in its time.

The message (yes again 😉) of being aware of what, whom and where you spend your time and energy with and within and is it really serving you moving forward, or is it keeping you small, boxed in, feeling stuck within those routines that keep you feeling busy that don’t allow any room for the new, any space for something else to come in to your life. There are ways you just have to find them, start small, this is life changing for some and will open the doors you have been looking for the keys to for a while. Keep refining, redefining your boundaries those people, places and situations that you connect yourself to that drain you, that show you where you are not supporting or honouring yourself. This doesn’t have to be harsh, sometimes they feel that way but all serves for your own good and another’s you just can’t see it yet, all can be reshaped or disconnected with love, from a space of love.

Remember you hold all within you, you hold the power to make choices that serve you rather than ones that are still attached to the old stories and ways of being that keep you in the same old same old. Take a step outside the box, walk in your courage for you are so lovingly supported at this time, there feels a really embracing push of energy that is going to sweep through the next few days that may just give you that little bit of extra confidence in yourself that you can choose different, you can start to implement want you want to, to find your greater joy.

Much Love xxx

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