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7th April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

The thoughts in your head are showing you especially the recurring ones what learnings you are working within, what is ready to have resolution, release or re-evaluation brought. All is working at this time to highlight where you are not in harmony and peace within. What situations and particularly within your relationships are only serving to keep you stuck or stagnant, the learning that unlocks and moves you forward from this point. Is there more honest open communication needed here? Do you need to allow your truth to be heard instead of silenced? Is not allow yourself freedom of expression an old story that needs to change? We encounter learnings of discernment and truth; integrity are arising for us this month within our relationships and what once may have worked no longer does with the version of self you have grown to be. Remembering all relationships serve to allow us to see ourselves more clearly.

We are reminded of the power of our choices to shape our reality, every little action has reaction, cause and effect, you have come this far made huge steps so keep choosing what you know aligns and serves over quick impulsive reaction. Again remember the power of the ‘pause’ that allows you space for any emotional charge (energy in motion) moving through you in reaction to situation, experience, another’s words, to be felt, and then consciously connect with your inner light, remember your power in choice in that moment. What will serve you best here, how can you engage, or not within this situation that leads with Light, the Light that you are? That honours who you are and allows you to stand in your power with love. Its not about having power over standing in your power is being true to you, honouring the Light that is within all and seeking the best serving solution, resolution or response in a way that serves you and all. Sometimes things need to be said, sometimes it may mean walking away, sometimes it may mean apologising, lead with light in all you do. Take the opportunity now to clear up any misunderstandings, let go of any petty resentments and release where you are perhaps trying to control or change another. This will serve you well in the next few months.

Keep sinking deeper and deeper into trust, trust in all unfolding, in yourself, in your path and that you actually don’t need to have it all worked out or know all the answers. Where can you open to hold more compassion for yourself and others this Easter for we are all connected, all One?

With much Love, Lee xxx

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