Listening to the Inner Child

7th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Guidance to do a little check in with ourselves, our inner child is calling us to go within, connect and see what will serve us in love at this time.

How have you been throughout last week or two as you have entered February, within all the energies that are swirling around us and all the goings on within the world and our own individual worlds? There is a lifting this month and its not to say that things won’t come up and be felt or things won’t be revealed that may surprise us, how well we may deal with situations in our lives very much depends on our perspective, vibration and self-care which maintains a peaceful and better balanced inner space. Can you say that you have given yourself some form of balance within your work/life/joy over the last weeks? Have you been or been trying to keep up and commit to making space/time to go within which is very much what we are being called to do? It is so easy to go a week and then another, and another and to not have sat for a moment and felt into our own needs. Felt into our emotional body, taken note of our mental thoughts, any tension or stress, pain, within the physical body and what this is telling us about our self-care and our needs.

The inner child can get a little bit cranky and fed up if it’s all serious and everything feels like work all the time, as much as for some of us our ‘work’ is our joy our creative space, our inner child wants us to explore who we are with all of that aside, who are you at your core, what do you like, what fills you up on a Soul level, a heart level, what brings you joy?

Check in with your inner child today and ask, “what do you need from me?” it may be something totally unexpected, let the mind take a back seat as it will assume it knows. Try to make a commitment to your inner child or at least have a chat, make space in your schedule to do just what your inner child is suggesting to you. It is commitment to your wellbeing after all, so are you putting yourself last still or have you pushed yourself further down the line of what’s important?

I really cant express enough the power of your own self-care, valuing yourself, knowing your worth, starting to drop the self-judgement and seeing yourself as the beautiful being you are, it truly opens you up to so much. So if you feel a little stuck try committing to your own care and empowerment and watch yourself shine brighter and brighter. It’s a commitment its not just a do for a day or week kind of thing, and yes it takes practice and dedication but the deliciousness of feeling your light, your love and your Soul connection grow allows it to become a way of living. Live for you and you live for others, love you and you love others, shine your light and you show and inspire others to do the same.

Much love to all xxx

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