Fill Yourself Up

8th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

You hold the Universe inside of you, you hold all you need within your heart, within the light that is you. Let go of forcing things you desire to be for when it is ready it will form, allow what is within you to emerge in Divine timing, Soul timing, when your heart and entire being align with your intention to be created, have no doubt it will then form in the way that is perfect for you. Your process is sacred, it is your trust and faith when the personality feels there is delay, feels unsettling or the endings occurring, trust that all is taking form within the cycle of life, the process of growth, death and magnificent rebirth. Witness yourself, your thoughts and emotions within all you experience, release the desire to react, to defend, or explain yourself and listen within, observe what sits beneath.

Keep refining your boundaries that honour your love, be aware of where you allow or invite others to take advantage, or disrespect with their words, actions and behaviour. See where it is time to say a loving no whereas before in your old patterning you would have said yes without conscious thought. Be aware where you are offering of yourself, your love, time and energy when you particularly have nothing left in the tank yourself. Time to come back within and replenish your being, fill yourself up as the physical body is moving through a lot within your energetic changing.

Much Love xxx

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