Trust, Commit & Open Wider

13th September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Trust those intuitive nudges and insights be open to receive through the higher realms of Light, your Higher Self and your own knowing, open your heart which creates a soft space to receive. Keep taking those steps forward as you are guided to, check in with yourself and your reasons for ‘not’ following through not matter what it be, are you making excuses with not having ‘time’ (we all do it) or is it fear or resistance to stepping out, starting something new, or making that commitment to yourself, which is self-love, or change in general? If you are finding it hard to hold the enthusiasm to get up and go with your sacred practices that nurture and support your whole being it’s okay, do a little bit, something is a start, ease up on yourself but remember it is these very practices that do help you and raise your vibration, that clear your field which lifts you. The openings are presenting themselves to you, hold your commitment and positivity, trust in yourself particularly around your ability to create, to change, your trust in Souls and the Divines plan.

Is a tidy up calling you, do you feel the ‘itch’ to clear up your spaces, or clean down or scale down your objects, clutter, to bring a sense of space and organisation to the mental mind? A breath of fresh energy through which all helps your motivation and mood to start with change. Where is your focus, where are you placing most of your thoughts and attention at the moment? Do you need to remind yourself that you are the only one that can change your old habits and patterns are you ready to make a deeper loving commitment to do for yourself what feels good? Have you let those best laid plans of health regimes and sacred practice; tender self-care go by the wayside? Bring yourself to account and remember it is you that holds the power here. You are so valued, valuable, so worthy, so deserving of your greatest intentions. Put yourself to the front of the line for when you realise your worthiness, worthiness of your own love and care and make commitment to yourself even if it’s not perfect it doesn’t have to be, you take action, Spirit literally flings open the doors for you and all the support you need is there for you.

Bring yourself back into your heart and bring any choices or decision to the heart first, does it support you, does it serve you, is it from love? What is within flow, reassess what flows and what feels ridged, stiff and inflexible as the Divine Feminines presence sweeps through bringing us to take a closer look at what works and what feels harsh to our beings.

Much Love to all xxx

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