New Expansion is Felt

1st September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

This first day of September brings such a feeling of expansion that we are being give opportunity to step into. This doesn’t mean that we have finish with what we are transmuting but that we have opportunity to move into higher vibration. Real expansion is possible and felt, again the doors come in, the pathways we have spoken of the openings coming in to view, into awareness. What you have been calling in for yourself, for your life, you may start to see the results of the shifts, the releasing, the clearing beginning to form in your physical reality not just feel the subtle or huge shifts within your inner self. Keep letting go, keep being open and receptive to what wants to move as this doesn’t mean that we are done here, keep detaching the threads of the old and expand your mind and what you think is possible. Dream with your heart and allow it to wander, to imagine, to create, dropping as best you can the want of the brain/mind to analyse, organise or control. Be present within flow, allow yourself to move and shift in your day with softness, in presence, in your higher wisdom.

The shifting within relationships and other friendships and connections continue their moving and shifting. Some may be disconnecting, slowly releasing, or coming into a better fitting alignment as this is what you have been working towards, or they may shift into different directions. This happens when we shift in vibration and as Soul calls us and it becomes increasingly important to have those around us, those that are connected to us being relationships that honour and recognise, respect everyone’s sovereignty and your expanding need to be authenticity you.

This expansiveness in energy feels very much what we will be travelling within for this year.

With much love xxx

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