Present in your Now

7th January 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Be present, be in presence with yourself so you are aware of where you heart, your mind is. The present that calls you to be still within its now moment, for the past is just that it is past you but may not have been fully processed if there is trauma, grief, loss, sadness still attached to the emotional, mental and/or physical body. Observe what arises, allow, allow, allow without judging yourself, your emotions, allow your thoughts for they are gifts that show you what you are holding that you cannot see and show you whether they have been worked through enough by how much they may trigger you or be triggered by a present experience.

If you become aware of your mind running through past experiences, repeating thoughts, running over perceived mistakes or perceived wrong turns that are behind you now, allow the threads to fade further away by journalling, expressing in some form what is within your head, mind and heart with intention of letting it go with love (as best you can). Try not to sink into negative thinking that you are stuck with things as we are still within a space that is available for us to continue to let go of attachments, judgements and expectations we have held over from last year. If you can refocus your thoughts to remind yourself that all emotions are okay, are valid and in allowing emotions to be present and not stuff them down or try to run from them this is how you allow them presence and to further release them. See the gift of their presence to continue to let go and open wide to the 2023 energies.

Every step, thought, word, intention and action is creating either an energy of empowerment or an energy of restriction. Keep intending to do what serves you, what you truly want to be and see in your world, create from love. Be honest with yourself, kind and compassionate when you feel you may not have made the best choice, remember there is no wrong just continued learning and growth. If old things you have done come up, particularly ones you may not be too proud of, even embarrassed or ashamed of remember to give yourself the grace to be human. Intentionally announce you are holding yourself in a healing space of compassionate love and handing over any blame, shame or guilt you attach to yourself from past experiences.

“I (say your name) hand over all the people, places, situations, circumstances, stories and the root causes that are currently attached to any energies of blame, shame, guilt, grief, loss and sadness I currently hold connected to past experiences in this lifetime and any other across all dimensions and all space time back to the universe to transmute to light, NOW. For my highest and greatest good, so be it. It is done. Thank you”.

With love xxx

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