Claim who you are Becoming

25th January 2022 1 By SoulLee Connected

What is seeking expression from within you? For many especially those that work with or have started to work with others in some way you are being called up, called to really step into who you are becoming, the next level of you. What is it you are being called to create, do, change? Some are starting to ‘turn on’ for the first time to that which has been perhaps just a fleeting thought, a day dream/dream, but what you are connecting with is very real possibility for you. Let it grow, explore it, feel it, breathe it and let it expand, ye sit is possible, let the energy around it build in its right time, be aware, be open and childlike in wonder if you are open to its possibilities for you, as you are opening to more of yourself. This is not ‘new’ to you, maybe so in this lifetime but not new to the Soul.

For those that play an active part in assisting others at this time, and this is not just about the ‘spiritual’, for we all use our unique Soul gifts in many areas, whether counselling, yoga, meditation classes, artists, as nurses and carers to name a few. However you share your gifts, the gift of you, you are being called to step up and actively claim your role, really honour and claim who you are for you are needed and are being looked to for guidance and support. Many are feeling the call and are stepping out to rise up themselves and will be looking for you and your unique gifts as they do so, you are an example for many. Honour this part of you, if you are new to it, trust in yourself and your abilities to be what you are being called to be for others, and yourself as a part of your Soul journey. Many gifts are being activated and coming on line, starting to make conscious connection again.

Go within, own your power, have faith and trust.

Much Love xxx

** We are all being asked to ‘step up’ step into more of who we are, honour ourselves more, care for ourselves more, and others, be responsible for all of the self (words, thought, actions/reactions) connect within our hearts to the love, compassion and kindness that is always present so when we are able to feel this ourselves, give to ourselves we are then able to spread this, radiate this out to others, to the collective as One.

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