Welcome to June

1st June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

This month will see some intense energies but overall will (I feel) be a welcome change from what May brought forth for us all as we continue to integrate all we have recently travelled. Our relationships have been at the front of all coming up for some time and the message that comes today is not to ask why is this happening to me or sink into blame and anger toward another (or whatever emotion is arising through your experiences) but to look within. Ask yourself ‘why have I attracted this experience to me?’, ‘what am I to learn within this experience?’, ‘what am I allowing or repeating that sees me within the same familiar cycle?’, ‘How can I come back to loving myself more?’, ‘where/how am I separating myself from love?’ This comes through as we continue to be brought into greater accountability, responsibility for ourselves and our lives instead of projecting outward, outer blame. Shifting our perspective of what is occurring and looking inwards at how we either enable or contribute to our experience, and yes there are many, many, factors here but the message is one of instead of projecting outwards to come back within to the self within love. There are no coincidences we attract to us what best serves Souls growth, learning and evolution, healing. A tricky thing for the human mind, ego, personality and heart to be comfortable with. Many of us react to things we don’t like or that hurt us by lashing out, being reactionary without conscious awareness, blaming as a form of protection. What Spirit lovingly guides us to keep working on is getting deeply honest with ourselves, is it a lack of self-love that allows these experiences to take place, where we don’t honour ourselves completely, hold boundaries that serve and love us and project and show others who we are and what we will and wont accept. All is leading us back to love, all experiences serve to bring us closer to love, to ourselves.

Those closest to us are out greatest teachers and sometimes we have to get real with ourselves and see that perhaps we are being shown what sits within us that we haven’t yet been able to face or been willing to see. The parts of us that we haven’t as yet been able to love and accept. Our relationships are out biggest guides at the moment as they reflect to us and draw from within us what we are ready to heal. There are some really old cycles, karmic ties playing out that are ready to be cleared. All is occurring for us to come back into love for ourselves so we can heal that which Soul is showing us.

We continue to walk within massive soul learnings that are designed to bring us back to our truth, back to love, unconditional love that is void of judgment. Responsibility, seeing and owing the part we play in all experiences, what we are choosing for ourselves, all is to open our hearts to see where we can better love and honour ourselves. Your boundaries may be a ‘theme’ this month, again create them with love so they serve not only you but all involved for the highest and most benevolent outcome. You are working through some incredibly powerful transformative energies. Trust yourself within it all, trust the process as you continue to detach and untangle yourself one thread at a time from what has separated you from yourself. Its powerful work but you are a powerful being!

Much Love xxx

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