Bask in the Light

17th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As the message comes through today they start by showing a door opening, it is already open but opening wider and from out of the door the light shines brightly, this light is connected with the suns light, the solar rays at this time assisting us within change and to keep our focus and hearts forward. Bask in the light of the solar rays and if you cant where you are close your eyes and see, sense, feel it filling you up, lighting you from within.

A drop of sunlight moves to the throat, the throat chakra is highlighted, there is expansion taking place, an opening occurring but within some this centre has been blocked up, held tight and the energy flow restricted. I feel that for some to chant (the sound EEE as in need, seed), or sing, express sound from the voice in any way you feel to, the unexpressed words allow them to be expressed and tumble out. Find a space to be by yourself and express the unspoken will help here. You may also like to place a lapis, aquamarine or blue kyanite on your throat and set intention for it to clear and shift any stuck energy here. Ask what the energy is attached to, connected to what does your heart say what comes to mind without thinking? Having a clear throat assists you with your flow of creative express, self-expression and truth so you can see at this time why it is being highlighted as a point to focus on.

Focus on the bigger picture that is unfolding for your life, allow your fears and doubts especially your judgements of self, your past, to be, it is done. Keep bringing in kindness and compassion for yourself so you can continue to release any shame, blame and guilt still connected here, it is time Dear Heart. Hand it all over to Archangel Michael to take from you and cut cords that connect you as you continue to forge ahead in love and reclaim all the parts of you that have been unloved, not accepted, bring them in to your heart and welcome you home, welcome you home to you as you continue to rebirth.

You may like to use these mantras –

“All my feelings are okay.”

“I speak my truth and deserve to be heard.”

“As I listen to myself others listen to me.”

With much love xxx

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