Ease & Communication

18th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep finding ways to simplify and create greater ease within your life, continue to work on bringing in balance and calm wherever you can so you can better flow and keep out of those resistance energies and emotions that arise when we feel pushed and pulled in all directions. Really bring in your higher mind to be within all you are doing, in all your decisions and choices engage the heart and mind together, ask them to be unified so you can make the best choices for you that serve and propel you forwards.

The throat chakra is being highlighted and our discernment as we are guided to see polarity and duality with new eyes. Bringing in greater balance so we can move through things within a much more harmonic state of being. This is us being guided to practice all we have learned so we are consciously choosing to move through our day connected to newly embodied and integrated wisdom, compassion and purpose, integrity to witness without attachment to either the outcome or the direction. Flowing in our greater trust, trust that every thing you experience every interaction you have is serving you, is for your highest good and is all a part of the Divine and Souls plan for you. When we really trust this and believe all is well and all will be well we flow and bring in greater ease.

Be aware of how you are communicating, are you being clear, is it of your truth, of your heart, is it within love. Are your words supporting and maintaining your boundaries as your newly found greater expression is helping your heart and throat work together so your words, your expression flows from a space of love. Sense, feel into your body, your knowing (intuition) so you can make the connection to when situations may call for no reaction, just observation and quiet, or when your heart is needing to be expressed.

Much Love xxx

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