Allow & Follow your Knowing

24th August 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Allow your inner knowing, your gut feelings to guide you, the more you listen to your internal compass and wisdom the easier it is hear and to make choices from the heart, that’s serve you moving forwards in each moment and that allow you to better be able to remain centred and grounded amongst whatever is occurring in your outer reality, the outside world, things that are out of your control and responsibility. That which the mind can easily attach to and then bring in and create emotion around that takes you out of yourself. It means being in a space of observation and awareness, presence so the triggers occur yes but you are more able to see, know and understand where they are coming from, see the woundings they trigger that are yet to be healed or where there is more work to do to bring into love and acceptance. Listen to the inner voice, listen to your heart, feel your heart guiding you, your heart which is connection to All, to the Divine Heart.

The inner work, the releasing and healing, the letting go has been creating huge shifts within and so you may find that you are now noticing your fluidity, you are more able to be fluid, to float within presence within your day. You are discerning what feels good, choosing what feels right, you are now more conscious of your choices and their impact. It may be subtle for some and others it has been fully embraced and anchored, you are creating a new way of being, to BE. Do you notice that you are more able to let go of the need or the desire isn’t there to rush, to unconsciously do, do, do, to flit from one thing to another unless it serves purpose, your higher purpose? These are the old patterns of doing that we tied to our worthiness, feeling worthy, accepted, that we placed on ourselves, many have had this passed through the lineage for generations, and the need to be seen by others as worthy.

Have you been feeling within all your being, the physical also, the want to flow, to go peacefully, how you can no longer tolerate or stomach toxic behaviours, environments, people you once allowed? Deeper and deeper layers of this are being integrated. The beautiful healing and releasing the freedom created within the letting go and allowing yourself to just be, feel and breathe, no matter how that looks from one day to the next is your life changing transformational growth. We are all at different points in our Souls evolutionary path, we are all unique so do not compare or judge where you are but continue to allow the old to drop away, non-attachment, let go of outcomes and expectations you have humanly placed on yourself that restrict or shrink you, think limitless and open your heart to continue to welcome the new, the newness and love present for you within each and every breath.

Let your heart light shine, let it radiate and illuminate your path, let it reach others so they too may find their light, their love within.

Much Love xxx

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