Let Love Permeate All

24th February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are human beings a part of and always connected to the Divine, to the highest love but we are here in human form in body to experience, to feel, to explore and grow through wisdom gained, and this means that we don’t no matter how much work on ourselves we have done, love we hold, light we shine always get it right all of the time. Its in these moments where we may have acted or projected out in such a way that isn’t what we know to be or feel from a space of peace, of wisdom, of heart, but from emotional trigger that we one be accountable and responsible, we own our part, the part our thoughts, words, and actions have created, but that we also allow ourselves or anyone involved the grace to be human as all learn something through the experience. We get to see not only how far we have come but what we are still working within, learning with grace.

“I forgive you please forgive me; please forgive me I forgive you”.

We are all just trying to do our best as we navigate these times of such intense personal growth and change. When you look at the situation from the heart, through the eyes the perspective of love and higher wisdom we can hold greater compassion, understanding and forgiveness/release for not only ourselves but for others, we can find peace and resolution when we allow love to permeate all.

With love to all xxx

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