Feeling Limitation – Hold the Course

11th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Interesting energies present today and the message ~ “It is only in your perception that you may be in limitation. Trust, believe and know within every aspect of your being that you are far more powerful a force of love than you realise.”

The emotions of doubt that can block or limit our fullest expression and further expansion may rear, the feeling of instability or being rocked in our self-belief may be presenting itself. coming in and out, being felt in waves and it may feel at times destabilising. Know that in being vulnerable and allowing ourselves to sit with and feel these emotions in all their rawness allows us a deeper understanding of ourselves, an opening, an opportunity to hold love and compassion, kindness, to stay out of the negativity that can easily come forth the self-criticism and this allows our further expansion. All is working to assist us to regain our power over that which limits or that separates us from who we really are. In feeling and holding love what is being revealed is the yet to be fully healed aspects of ourselves, that which we are still working to bring acceptance and love to. All is deepening out understanding of self. All is opening us to further see and connect with the beauty within our own Souls, to honour our worth, to be within the sacredness of self with love and gratitude.

We are being taking deeper into levels of self-knowing so if you feel a little, or a lot, scattered, ungrounded, mentally foggy, finding it hard to get to a task, step back and relax your expectations of yourself for this is all an adjustment occurring, you are feeling the clearing. Don’t read too much into it for it feels we are stepping from one space to the next, e are taking an energetic leap or preparing to, attuning to a new way of expression, self-expression.

With love and kindness, Lee xx

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