Release & Receive

12th August 2022 1 By SoulLee Connected

There is a drawing up and out of old emotions taking place, those particularly that have been attached to old stories and programs you have been actively working on changing and releasing. This is highlighted by the Full Moons light today. So if you are feeling this physically overflow in the body or too intensely manifest itself remember to just allow it as best you can, you really don’t need to get tied into the stories attached, if awareness comes, if greater clarity arises take note of the insights you are being gifted and give thanks, for all is always moving you forwards.

Spirit brings the word ‘procrastination’, does this speak to you? Have you been sitting on the fence about something, a decision that needs to be made, taking action, expressing something to someone that has been sitting on your heart for some time left unsaid? Being stubborn about being right with someone, is forgiveness calling you or releasing the human personalities need to be right coming up? We need to be honest with ourselves here. What is not in alignment with you now and moving forward is being brought up to be seen so check in what is rattling in your world. If you are unsure how to proceed, ask to be shown and trust that things will start to move for you from this point.

The sun has been calling the last few weeks louder than usual, perhaps some of you have experienced this also, the healing, the light that we are receiving feels different in some way. It calls today to get out and receive, receive the golden light rays, the codes flooding through to you, open to receive as the solar light is amplifying, expanding, filling your light body. Allow the mind to be cleared and recharged, releasing the old stories on loop from your mental body. There is deep cleansing taking place within the cells.

With Love xxx

(Light Code – Golden Light Cellular Clearing – SoulLee Connected (c) 2022)