Peaceful You

9th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As so much is going on outside of ourselves within what the world is experiencing it is important that you hold your peace, hold your love, your light within. Keep coming back to yourself, to centre within your heart in each day. Notice where you find yourself caught up and engaging in the ‘drama’ outside of your peaceful self. Notice where you thoughts are, where your emotions are, how does your body feel so you are aware of yourself and aware of where you may be allowing outside influence to creep in a little bit too much. What is yours to hold and what is not? Clear your field, fill yourself up.

Keep commitment to yourself and the newness within you, that you are creating with, as the old may raise its head to test your resolve. Remember there is never a right or wrong decision as you make your choices based on the direction that feels best and right for you in the moment. Remember you hold your power when you are within a compassionate heart and peaceful mind space.

With love, Lee xxx

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