Trust your Higher Path unfolding in Divine Timing

7th November 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Continue to see, feel, allow that higher wisdom to flow through all you walk within your day, it is a call for greater balance and awareness to where some may be pushing through and deliberately tying themselves within busyness to fill the day or feel they are ‘okay’ so they are not fully aware of themselves, their emotions, feelings, thoughts, what they have going on that has arisen for clearing in the moment. And this can be understandable at times as we have all been through such a time of immense change and continues to be so, incredible energies of transformation throughout this year that it can feel that you are a little or more than a little ‘over it’ and just want to ‘have a normal day, or feel joyfulness again’. Please know that if you have felt deep in the trenches within your journey this year that you are amazing, you truly are a warrior, this work you do and chose to do when you incarnated (not consciously for most) has seen Soul growth like no other lifetimes achieved, you are and have been clearing an incredible amount of ancestral trauma, belief’s, stories, karmic patterns, this work you do is celebrated dear heart. So if you have been feeling a little emotional over the last few days/week then you may be feeling you just want to take a step back and let the world go by as you replenish your energy. Again be aware of what you are committing to, where you are choosing to take your focus outside of yourself. Keep stepping intentionally and consciously with what creates, serves and allows you to be who you are, in truth and authenticity.

There is a lot of energy propelling us forwards, how you process it or allow it to move through you how you are consciously choosing to move with and within it means you can either be/feel better supported with your best of intentions or because of choices and actions, triggers, impulsive actions made without conscious heart thought may find you in situations you didn’t really want to create, those made in haste and reaction. So being really conscious and feeling taking a pause before and when choosing for yourself in all things will help you. Does this serve me, am I responding from love or fear, trigger, and if so what is this showing me that I am still in need of working with, healing, accepting, bringing into love or releasing. Others can be our greatest teachers. Be aware that others are also experiencing and in the midst of their own journey through this time so keep in mind to try to not take things personally this will help you to not project from reaction, keep to yourself if another is projecting of course not condoning bad behaviour or overstepping boundaries. Choose what you engage within, choose a peaceful higher path where possible and be kind to yourself if you find you have engaged within a way you would have rather not. Take responsibility.

We are within a time that your trust and faith call you deeply to know that all is unfolding as it is meant to according to a higher plan. Continue to nourish and replenish yourself your body your mind, your being with those sacred practices that fill you up will see that you are better able to stay in your own space and not get too caught up mentally or emotionally, or attached energetically to what is outside of you. It is okay to feel uncertain, to not feel you have clarity or clear direction this can be a hard and a vulnerable feeling space to be within, one that most of us have in our time sought to or still do fill with other things to comfort, distract or avoid. We are guided to get comfortable with not knowing, this is sinking into trust deeper and deeper sinking into the heart into love deeper and deeper, strengthening your connection with Light with All, the Divine heart. Trust that within your individual life clarity will come when it is right timing, whether its around a creation you are bringing to life, a wonderful idea, a relationship, a move, if you cant seem to get clear don’t force it, trust the space you are within will unfold the answers and the next step when it is aligned for you, Divine time not human (want) time. This is being guided by the heart and higher wisdom rather than the head, the ego, the personality. There still feels a lot is shifting and resettling after all the processing and inner changes over the last few months, particularly through October, so allow yourself the grace to be human, without judgement without labelling your experience as right or wrong, good or bad, allow it to be whilst supporting yourself through this next week.

Ground, hydrate, go within peace. Let love lead you.

Much Love xxx

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