Potential, Open to the present Newness & Embracing, All is a gift, breathe

30th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

There may be a little niggling occurring, a little hello of the old relationship issues, communication issues and miscommunications, others not being able to see your viewpoint and vice versa, the need to be right or in control. The things that have been kept deep down or not resolved just yet, some really old patterns may be rearing their head for you to pay attention to. Keep focusing ahead is the message, not in the past, keep actioning and creating better for yourself. Feel into that emerging new energy within you, yes even amongst the little triggers of the old that still play out, all is well you are moving forward. Plant the seeds for what you wish to create, dream big, hold a higher perspective through all.

I have asked for a card today and Potential and Embracing have come through for us which is perfect confirmation of what we are receiving. Embrace it all as there is magic within everything it all depends on how you see it what your perspective is and thus will determine your emotional and mental experience as you navigate what arises. Do your best to stay out of judgement, be present with yourself, keep coming back within to reset and centre yourself if you find that you are mentally full or your thoughts are running down rabbit holes. Bring it back in and breathe. See, watch, observe yourself as if from outside of yourself, from Souls perspective, see how your thoughts then create your emotional feeling/responses and how they can then take you down a path that makes things bigger than they are, or you choose to take a breath and not attach yourself but just be. Hands on your heart, take a few breathes and smile, you got this beautiful light. Keep embracing each day for the magic and potential it brings you, see through Souls eyes and radiate the beauty you wish to be in this world.

Much Love xxx

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