Wednesday 7th December ~ JOY

7th December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The energies are heightening and so the message of Joy springs forth today and its nothing to do with the festive season but of our ability to choose, to choose better for ourselves and to make change that is more aligned within joy, happiness, love the most powerful frequencies of all.

Look for what fills you up, you can empower yourself to choose joyful thoughts, joyful words, actions, decisions and choices that are aligned within joy, love for yourself by being mindful of what you say yes to, what you are choosing to involve yourself within and listening to what your intuition, your heart and body are telling you, if it is aligned or not. It is up to us to find that joy no one can do it for us for we control our inner world. If you can’t find joy outside in your outer world to help you then go within and seek to create inner joy. It is not always easy to do so especially when you feel anything but joyful, but this is about making the best of what we have and doing our best to find peace and look for the little things that are all around us that are filled with beauty, a butterfly, a smile, a sign from a loved one passed over that tells us to keep going. The beauty in nature in a single flower, an animal which offers you unconditional love.

Hand on your heart, feel your breathe, follow your breath and allow it to carry you deep into your heart, your sacred space where you are safe to be just as you are, to be truly you. Call on the Divine heart of All there is and ask to be filled with the light of joy, see sense feel it entering through your crown, a soft brilliant pink and white light or maybe it has a different colour, allow it to enter your crown and move through your body filling you with the essence of joy, fill your heart. “I (your name) AM filled with the light of Joy”. Feel this light move through your physical body filling every cell, every muscle, every space, use your breath to move it down to your toes. Stay here a moment then exhale deeply and smile.

Its okay to feel pressured, to feel sad, to feel lost, its not wrong, you aren’t wrong. It is okay to have a head full of thoughts but remember you can choose, and it can be hard when we feel this way so this is where your determination and trust comes in to power over and use the tools you have to shift it as best you can to bring relief, to bring greater peace and calm. “I (your name) welcome healing and Divine assistance to find peace and joy within my day, today and within each day”.

Has it been too long since you gave to yourself, since you did something that fills you up?

With Love xxx