Happy New 2022 Year ~ The year to deepen connection to your authentic self

1st January 2022 1 By SoulLee Connected

Start the year from this day forth with commitment to being more aware of what was and what is your revisiting old stories and programs. For so many we have made a huge vibrational jump/shift, you may still be feeling it within the physical body but more so within your consciousness. At the same time we are living within the same world, we occupy the same space but at a new level. There is still a massive releasing and healing occurring now, the same ‘world’ plays out so we continue to see and feel the energy of that reality. We are moving through what feels like a portal over the next few days so if you are feeling fatigue, weariness do what feels good and rest, nurture you and take some time out if you can. Let everything else go unless it really matters remembering a lot of what we feel matters may not really, it can be routine and habit, which are our old stories.

Deepen your trust in yourself, deepen your trust in your life’s path unfolding exactly as it should be, and deepen your trust in the Universe, Spirit and the unseen. You are here to grow and expand into your greatest potential, trust you are your best guide. Make this year the year you commit to connection with the self, go within regularly, make this a non-negotiable, deepening your connection and awareness with your Soul, your Divine self and with Source/Spirit. This year is calling all of us to deepen our practices and connection and watch how your greater potential unfolds tenfold.

Much Love and Happy 1st day of 2022 to all xxx

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