Massive Shifts & Insights Occurring

19th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The shifts we are within at the moment are huge, to say the least, there is so much going on as we continue to anchor more of our divinity into form, within the human body.  The body speaks again and it may be uncomfortable for some at this time as what comes up comes to shown you through the physical that which has been buried deep. Connect in with your body, connect in with your heart, be still, take some time out to just be and receive any insights and messages your body may have for you. It may just be the quiet and peace that you are needing deeply.  Your body may be showing you where you still store and hold on to anger, resentments, blame. Be aware, observe your muscles, your joints, your skin, when its triggers sensation in any form observe what you are thinking, what triggered the charge within. What old resentments are you still harbouring that your body is asking you to observe, do the healing work around so you can unlock and release from within. For some the body is showing you the beliefs and stories you carry and stay connected to within resentment and anger from childhood, the wounding’s through parents, close carers. No matter what it is it is only you that can do the work to being peace and release for yourself, is it time for greater healing, is the body showing you physically the weight you carry?

Flow is so important at the moment, gentleness, nurture yourself listen to what you are needing its not a time for pushing through. Get out in nature, immerse yourself in water, salt baths, be hydrated, eat what your body is asking for, whether you feel it is good or bad, let the judgement go, do you, you are your best guide remember that, you! Some may be feeling a need to comfort the self which is natural when we may feel a little smashed,  fatigued, just check in that you aren’t resorting back to old habits that don’t serve, choose right for yourself (as best you can). Judgment of the self, the process you are within, how you are feeling wants to be cancelled out and replaced with allowance, acceptance, flow, higher knowing that all is perfect and all is propelling you forwards. Nothing is right or wrong it all serves you and the more you allow and trust, deeply trust the process of ascension you are within the more you flow with ease and grace through it.

This will shift in a few days. Receive with love the upgrades and insights. See the powerful beauty in all you are within as you embody more of your divinity in physical form.

Much Love xxx

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