Expanding Trust

16th August 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The upper chakras are being shown as illuminated, activation of the crown and third eye particularly as we are receiving a beautiful influx of light, a stream of higher consciousness flooding in. So don’t be surprised if you find you receive little insights and aha moments occurring, greater understanding and clarity forming as well as your ability to now see a possible direction forwards with something you have been creating or working on, direction within relationships, business, all included here. Your sense of knowing what you want and especially what you don’t want is really solidifying in your heart along with your courage and trust that you are able to create, resolve, and bring the peace you seek to certain situations that have gone unchanged.

Some of you may be observing that you are more able to let the voice of fear take a back seat and let your ideas and visions come forth and emerge as your trust in yourself, in your life, in your pathway, trust that you are totally supported, connected and guided through all expands. There is a shift in your confidence and knowing that you do have the ability to navigate with love any experience that comes as your heart, your higher knowing and your trust that Soul is leading you ripples through your body.

The physical body has been speaking this last week and guides me to express this as others may be experiencing things coming up within their own bodies. What is occurring is your attention being brought to what has yet to be resolved, work within, healed and released. It is the build up and the body trying to release what it has held in for quite some time, some of this may be very old, attached to ancient stories that continue within this lifetime, that which you have chosen to stuff down and haven’t been willing to look at, yet. The body is trying to get your attention as it isn’t able to hold this sort of build-up, the pressure, anxiety any more so it’s making choice for you. Know that all that arises within your body is your body’s way of loving you enough to let you know it’s time to do something about it. The light is being shone into the deepest of shadows that which has been ignored and resisted, love your body for what it brings, its showing you what wants to be brought to love and released so you can move forward. (of course if you feel something is wrong always seek professional advice)

With Love xxx

(Image courtesy of Pinterest)