Be Present

23rd February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Looking at your now moment where is your mind, where is your heart? What are you choosing for yourself in this moment and thus where you are creating from and attracting back to you.What are you ‘choosing’ to carry with you, whats come along for the ride within your mind that is not helpful or necessary as this is being vibrated through your entire field, it ripples outwards. This is the message coming in today, how can you help yourself to step back and create greater ease within your day, look at your thoughts, what is your heart speaking to you and are you listening, truly listening to what it is communicating to you? What habits, routines, relationships is your heart communicating change is ready TO SERVE YOU FIRST, your needs, things that honour you and acknowledge you as the worthy and important being you are within your life, not second best or down the list.

The greatest insights can be found when you allow yourself space to step back for a moment and be present. Check in with yourself throughout your day, are you aware and within your body or all over the place, in busyness with no conscious awareness to yourself or what you are engaging in, involving yourself within and allowing into your field. Slow it down so you can be more present, have presence, greater conscious awareness of the self so you are better able to make the best aligned heart centred choices moving forward. This is acknowledging the powerful creator being you are in your life.Especially if things are feeling intense or compacted at this time, slow it down a bit, BREATHE, exhale deeply out with intend the breath carry all that is stored within that is not needed for your highest good in this moment away. Fill your heart up, fill your cup with pink and white light and breathe it through your being, expand it out to fill your field. It only takes a minute but creates a more aligned and aware you.

Much Love xxx

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