19th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Communication came through yesterday and again it flows through but particularly in respect to information that you are being given. It’s coming in in many forms whether through your internal knowing, your intuition, your own wisdom shining in as well as that of your higher self, your soul self and that of the Divine. They show that there are Archangels present with many of you at this time so if this stirs something within you as you read just notice which one pops into your mind without over thinking it and then if you are able to take a few minutes in your day to ask if they have any messages for you, something to show you, or it is just to receive their love being given. Coming back to the message just be open to receive and pay attention to what it is you are actually being shown. There are little nuggets of gold within your insights that can be easily ignored or brushed off. We are all gaining greater ability to see and connect with more ease, gaining greater clarity to connect with what is being shared with us.

Awareness to what is driving you at this time, where are your thoughts and actions, emotions coming from, what space? Is it one of love or fear, don’t rush anything, sit with your decisions for a moment or more before acting impulsively as so many of us do. This is a part of slowing it down for when we can slow it all down, our mind and need to react instantly without much conscious thought to our hearts wisdom we are able to connect with the higher insight available. We provide ourselves that little bit of space, pause to see clearer, to see through that which is present in front of us and look deeper.

Keep shedding that which is ready, allow it to drop away, however that looks, witness the process, hold compassion for the self instead of sinking into feeling something is wrong. All is perfect and you are expanding and opening as the magical, light filled, loved filled flower you are. “All is well Dear Ones, see all through the eyes of love, through the filter of love, especially yourselves, for no matter your experiences or your perceptions what you are does not change, it does not alter, it cannot be broken. You remain perfectly whole”. – As this came through they want us to know how much, especially at this time, we are supported, we are literally surrounded by the love of the Divine, the Angelic, the beings of light in the higher realms, the ancestors are all close, very close at this time, the veils are thin.

Sit within your heart, hands over your heart and affirm – “I AM whole, I AM complete, I AM loved, I AM lovable”.

Much Love xxx

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