Release & Confidence

10th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

“Dear Ones, you are at a pivotal time in your personal growth as you are becoming more aware that you alone must decide what is best for you. The opinions of others are merely that ‘other opinions’ for it is you that must look within the heart, listen to the whispers of your Soul self, as this is how you are developing a greater sense of self, of trust. It is (self) confidence and (self) belief that you are developing and in which will assist you at this time to decide with greater clarity between the old, the easy, comfortable and familiar, and the new, which can be somewhat unfamiliar, uncomfortable and challenging. Put aside all outside of the self, the pressure from outside sources, go within and call forth the knowledge that sits awaiting your connection.”

I have asked for a card with this message today and Release has come forth. Keep releasing those fears and doubts that you hold around your own ability to safely navigate your world and the world at large, feel the trust that is there within you that you have squashed down or not allowed to see the light as you have been too afraid or untrusting of yourself or are still in blame of others for your dis-trust. This is a slow unfolding for some and a greater opening to for others, all in each’s own timing. The message of release for some is about letting go of the distractions of others, doing for others and holding the responsibilities of others for them when they are not yours to hold, busying yourself so much that you don’t have enough time to even think about yourself or get to what you want to do, what/WHO YOU WANT TO BE. This is also a form of avoidance and resistance in play, for some are afraid of the power they do hold or of being seen. Never mind however the calling to rise will keep knocking and you will rise to meet it when you are ready, whether in this lifetime or the next….. You are stepping closer to it whether you realise this or not in each moment and within each experience and interaction.

Trust your choices.

Much Love xxx

(Card Image courtesy of Sacred Destiny Oracle Cards by Denise Linn)