21st April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

TRUST that you can step into the unknown fully and completely as exciting and scary as it may feel at times. TRUST your process in all as you continue to expand and open to allow more of your truest self, your truest form of love to express itself through every part of you.

Where you feel the squeezing in your life is showing you where you are still within restriction in your movement, your freedom, your ability to flow with love. It does indeed take great courage to know when something needs to change, when your now moment invites you to open to see the possibilities that have otherwise been clouded until that moment in your time. Remember you do hold the power, the courage the love to make change, to transform a moment, to choose love and open to possibilities not as yet seen as fear has held you in a state of pause, familiar.

Can you feel the shift, the acceleration of your transformational process? What continues to seek transformation within your self, your outer world will continue to be highlighted. The Eclipse gateway is open use this time over the next few weeks to be conscious and intentional with your thoughts, words, actions, intentions as you are within a powerful time of quick manifestation. You are re-birthing, creating the new for yourself, your future self now, your energetic make-up is changing. You may start to really feel the rewards of all the world you have been doing to heal, release, and let go of, where you have felt within limitation or lack, a lightness and a clearness (clarity) become more available to you.

Sink deeper into your sacred practices, find time to be in stillness, to just BE, to connect and feel be present within your heart. Feel the golden light available to you now and anchor it within your being, draw it through your crown into your heart. Move, speak, do in connection with/from your heart space, let the heart lead, let love lead you so you feel the freedom the empowerment that has opened within. Your knowing that you are Soul, you are Light, a being of Love is becoming more consciously anchored as you merge with and walk as the Divine human, the Divine self that you are.

Smile dear hearts you are amazing, allow your fullest expression of self to be seen, shine your magic into the world.

Much Love xxx

(Light Code – Goddess Ishtar – Deepening your connection to your physical body and the Earth in which you hold form, as well as the Soul/Spirit and the Universe/s, All. Love, Empowerment & Remembrance of who you are)