Trust & Flow

10th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Step by step in each day in each hour just allowing yourself to flow, flow within all gracefully, with awareness and love. Being more aware of the self and for many it feels as if we are at times watching ourselves in our experiences as if from a higher place, our higher perspective is felt, we feel it engage, we feel it within us, we literally feel different as we engage with life. Can you feel within each interaction, experience, conversation, can you notice where you feel and think differently than you did at (say) the start of the year? You have shifted so much can you actually acknowledge this now to yourself, can you feel the changes and the immense growth you have gone through. If you could only see yourself as the pure energy the love that you are you would see how different your vibration is, the changes within your auric field, your body, heart and mind systems.

It is really important that you keep coming back to trust. Really trusting in what you feel, trusting the information that flows intuitively. You ARE receiving. Many may be ‘tested’ to call it that, as you feel yourself in situations that bring up your old thinking and feeling stories. You are placed within new situations here you can grow but with perhaps people that will trigger the old stories and this is where the magic lies as this allows you opportunity to choose a different perspective, to rise above and see what is actually occurring whereas before you dropped into it and immersed in the stories. Those ones that likely had you feeling all forms of doubt about the self, unworthiness, isolation, separation.

Keep gentle awareness to your emotions as they keep proving the clues, the gems, the gifts as they lead you to open to the truth. Again what may come up that irritates or even brings up anger in a moment is trying to show you something. We can be easily dismissive of our feelings but they are the golden keys to show us what is wanting attention and are a good signal to showing us where we are at.

Keep sinking into trust, deep, deep trust. Can you see with greater vision the synchronicities that are occurring within your life, they are being amplified, multiplied the more you trust. For we cannot hand it all over and surrender, be receptive and open to all the possibilities if we are hanging tight to outcomes and expectations. The more we open wide and surrender the more we are connected to our true self, the Universe, the Divine, the magic.

Much Love xxx

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