Expansion & Transmutation

22nd March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Such massive expansion occurring at this time, this space we are within is one that (as has been spoken of before) feels sped up, accelerated within us and in our outer reality, we are feeling it. Our concept and feeling of time has changed from what we knew and felt as children, from five years, a year ago. The quickening we are feeling is like nothing before as we are shifting to come into greater alignment within/with our Divine selves. The Light Code that was shared yesterday its frequencies hold a pure golden light, this light frequency is every much around us and is starting to come through to assist within our shift into higher consciousness. Within this there is still a massive amount of clearing and releasing occurring, the old ways of being that we hold within our systems, our emotions, our physical bodies, the mind. This is occurring as we are releasing separation, and within separation this is in every-thing, every-one as we continue to let go of that which has blocked our knowing of our magnificence, our power (of love), our Light. The process of release at this time is deep within the layers of separation where we hold the energies of shame, guilt, grief, where we have judged ourselves as limited, less than, lacking this is what is being worked within and broken down, what we have held as mistruth. You may be aware of this process occurring through different aspects of your life, your work, your relationships, bringing to light what isn’t aligned, what still holds story, belief, mistruth that is connected to grief, shame, guilt, judgement, see the beauty within it, trust the process.

Know and trust the gift that is occurring, continue to allow Light to lead you, to love yourself more than anything that you feel, think so that love is what surrounds you in all things, in all times. See the releasing and rattling, whatever you may be feeling, or not, as the incredible process that it is that works to transmute from within and allow you to know, be and embody more of the Divine being you are.

See the love within all.

Much Love to all xxx

The image is celebration of my birth name Leonie, meaning Lioness and is in honour of my birthday and my father – (Image courtesy of istock.com)