Its okay to not feel all ‘Love & Light’

10th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Transformation can be mucky is the message, but it is also all things, beautiful as well. Let your heart lead you forward, even if you don’t have all the answers, cant see ahead, feel stuck, or feel you can’t see a way out at this time, for you are exactly where you need to be whether you are consciously aware of it or not. You are within a powerful, powerful time of deep, deep transformation, deep journeying, Soul chose to be here now and to move through what you are dearest luminous Light. From one day to the next if you feel messy, if you feel euphoric, if you feel lost, if you feel spacey, teary, angry. Allow yourself to be just as you are with an open heart, keep your heart open, keep your trust in your path unfolding and trust in every little encounter, exchange, and experience that comes your way has meaning for you even if you have no idea or understanding at the time, all is meant to be. Allow it

Celebrate you in all your stages, feelings, let control go, release and let go of the minds want to see the unknown as a space that is wrong, for from this space if you allow yourself to relax into it and go with the flow of where and how your life is unfolding you make the connections you are to for your beautiful growth, you don’t miss the gems along the way. This work of deep clearing and transformation, remember a lot of this is Ancestral you are clearing generational trauma and belief systems, no small thing! This place of growth is not going to feel all love and light it’s okay to not feel okay, we are here to ‘feel’ not avoid or run away from what our minds label as wrong or bad for this is where the most incredible deeply transformative growth is found. Your work is to keep holding a space of compassion and kindness for yourself in those times that feel mucky, hold faith that everything changes it will not stay this way allows you to move through with greater ease, it is your faith that supports you. You are expanding and growing immensely, just because you may not from one moment to the next feel where you perceive yourself in that moment to be your ideal space mean it is not, there is so much being dismantled, reworked and restructuring within you and around you, so many connections if you could see all that is unseen you would be astounded. Allow the space, time and trust the process, allow it to unfold. Hold faith.

Take any doubts and fears, thoughts and feelings particularly around your capabilities, your confidence and see through to the truth. Be aware of where you are comparing yourself to others, being judgmental of yourself, notice when you are sinking into that negative limiting self-talk, those mistruths. Make choice to cancel them out and announce, choose to affirm “I (your name) AM whole, I AM complete, I AM abundant, I AM worthy, I AM loveable, I AM loving, I AM prosperous, I AM LOVE and I (your name) CHOOSE to shine, I choose to see the opportunities present within every experience, to open my heart to receive all for my highest and greatest good this day and all days”.

Much Love xxx

P.S. Clear and cleanse your spaces.

(Image courtesy of unknown)