Todays Message with Love

7th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

For some of us the body is clearly showing us were we are holding on, whether it be to emotions, unhelpful and toxic stories, the past recycling. The solar plexus being highlighted showing us that the feelings, sensations within our gut, digestive systems are holding and storing emotions here that are not serving us. Particularly connected to the thoughts that we are rolling around in our minds on repeat. You may well be very aware of what has been re-entering your thoughts recently, what are the themes you are being called to bring into better understanding, resolution or healing and letting go that at present may very well be stopping or interfering with your desire and ability to create, to extend yourself past where you are into the newness present, that which you have done so much work to connect with. You are already within it but what we hang on to inhibits how we are truly able to be within this expanded space and receive all from it that is possible, present and available to us.

You may find your sleep light on or you are waking more than usual, pay attention to your dreams they may be vivid but are very insightful if not actually showing you future predictions and possibilities (for some). Listen and regard all with an openness the information coming in for you through dreams, your higher knowing, higher consciousness, your intuition and body. There is a push to help us expand past where we are and catapult us into newness of being.

You are being called to give to yourself in ways that you perhaps have avoided or rejected in the past, you know what you need, you are more aware where you are holding yourself back, playing within smallness still. These March energies are really amping up to help us take steps towards our greatest dreams and ideals, to find the courage to step out and be seen in all our beauty. To support us in our steps to allow ourselves to be exactly who we are, but the main part is being more comfortable in being you, not concerning yourself so much about what others think or tending to others in ways that make sure you don’t have time to connect with your own dreams. Conscious and unconscious avoidance.

At the same time you may feel the energies to be turbulent at times, up and down, feel hectic, this means practicing maintaining neutral balance within all within yourself, come back to the peace and love within and within connection with the Divine Source to reset and rest if you feel you are being swept along within negative fears and doubts again or overly concerning yourself with what is outside of you. You have the power to bring yourself back into balance, to control and have mastery over what you allow to affect you, with your heightened awareness of yourself, your body, your heart, your emotions. Put those skills to work, that newfound knowing and Soul desire to be in command of yourself, responsible and accountable in all ways.

When was the last time you cleansed your spaces? A good time to get out the sage, incense, Palo Santo, oils whatever you like to use.

“I call upon the highest Divine Light and call forth the Archangels Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, and Metatron to be present to assist to clear and release completely into the Light of the Divine anything present now within my home that holds a vibration less than unconditional Love, any-thing that is not of Divine Light. Please remove any stuck or negative energies in any form. Remove any residual energies connected to limiting beliefs, doubts and fears, negative emotions and density that may be left in any form within this space. Fill this space with the Light of the Divine, raising the vibration for the highest good of all. Thank you and so it is”.

With much love xxx

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