Flow in Love

24th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Feeling into your own natural rhythm are you moving at the pace you want to or that you are being guided to, or still steamrolling, pushing through? So many of us have been programmed to believe that ‘doing’ being busy means we are useful, we are worthy, we have purpose and so the hardest thing to do is to actually stop and be present with what is within, no distractions, no avoidance, as it feels such a foreign space. For in this space it is where we feel into our truth, the truths rise up and it can be unpleasant so we avoid doing it, there is huge resistance. However if you are able to move past the discomfort past the resistance this space is where the gold is found, you can connect to the true wants and needs of the heart, of you, of the Soul. The messages that haven’t reached you in your rush and busyness.

Step by step keep applying yourself to that which you wish to be, see, create, in your life, but going at the pace that serves you, not your mental schedule but your heart aligned pace. Honour yourself and step back from feeling pushed by others or the pace of life to get things done to bring things into being before they, and you, are ready. Create all from the heart not from the mind and the old ways of feeling you need to be, how you feel you need to be seen to be. The you that you present to others is this a true reflection of you, are you connected to yourself in your authenticity or projecting a false image to the world because you feel you need to present a certain way, to be liked, loved, accepted, there are many reasons?

This is about honouring who you are in your totality, being true to the self so that what you project out is who you really are, no falsities, standing in your light and being proudly unashamedly you. Spirits reminder of how amazing, how powerful, how incredible that is, to be you in all your beauty and Light.

Keep shining, the work you have been doing whether you are consciously aware of it or not, and a lot you wont be, is huge, not one person hasn’t been releasing, shifting, transforming at this time. Keep focusing on the good, on your heart and expand that into your world to touch and spread over all you encounter.

Much Love xxx

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