27th April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are again being guided so it feels very important this week to be aware of what your mind and thoughts are being drawn to? Is it the past, past events, past relationships and interactions, situations with others that you feel haven’t been fully resolved or healed within? Again this is coming up to show you what you are in fact letting go of or being asked to detach from further. Perhaps it is to bring in forgiveness to yourself or another so you come to a form of resolution within your mind so you are better able to see that this is past so you can move on. All as we are guided lovingly to direct our focus, and we can by clearing out the old unserving clutter, to that which supports and nourishes us.

Remember to ask, “Is this mine?” as some of what you are feeling may not be yours to attach or hang on to. Use the violet flame to clear or Archangel Michael to cut cords as your heart guides. If you would like a digital copy of the Violet Flame Code or the Archangel Michael wording please contact me.
Some may be feeling the activation of the third eye, whether it be that you are entering a new level of development within your inner seeing or you are having your gifts come on line. Remember all have the ability, not all have accessed it and not all are to in this lifetime. The up-leveling process for those that actively support others is occurring so you can better support those in need and those that are rising up to start to actively open and work with their healing abilities and higher knowing.

I have asked for an animal Spirit to bring forth anything it may wish to add to today’s message and three have jumped out together, the Horse, the Frog and the Fox. Together they remind us that there is always free will choice available to us, we choose what we do with our thoughts, our words, our actions and thus we create our life. You are never stuck it is only belief that you are, for the one constant is change. This is where the frog comes through with the importance of clearing not just the mind but the heart, this is the letting go and working with what presents in order to release and move to the next, but also clearing our spaces, our auric field, our energy centres as all aids you to being in a clear, fresh and centred energy to work from. And the Fox’s reminder of going with the flow so you can better adapt and shift within all that is occurring in your world, without resistance which has the ability to block and/or restrict you. Breathe in love, expand it out through your body like waves, expanding out from your heart. Breath out long and deep, let go of what is ready.

Much Love xxx

(images courtesy of Power Animal Oracle by Steven D Farmer)