What Insights have you received recently?

22nd June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The many insights and messages you have been receiving the last week, if you have been able to slightly let go of the busyness within the mind and come within to a space that you are able to receive or make connection to them, are working to support you as you enter into the next chapter or cycle of your life. Have you been paying attention, what has been revealed or illuminated for you?

This current energy may have some feeling a little quick to respond without conscious thought or a pause. You may not be lashing out but finding perhaps you are a little too overly flowing forth with your comments or critiques to especially those closest to you. Whether out of irritation or frustration at them but what is being asked here is to turn it around, turn it inwards and look to see where the frustration and irritation sits within you, where in your life are you really frustrated with yourself? Perhaps it comes back to not feeling supported or there isn’t a fair share of balance in the give and take, the doing and receiving in daily life that is rising up. There are little hidden gems here that may light the way to showing you where you are frustrated by your own inaction or inability to implement the changes needed to better support you, to speak up, or where you feel you are stuck within patterns and routines that allow no time for you to be within your joy and creativity.

There is a lot that is wanting to come to completion so a newer cycle can be entered, for you are ready. It is about taking those realisations and insights received and actively implementing them or allowing what is ready and no longer for us, whether person, situation, relationship, to drop away naturally, to allow it to be the form and shape it wants to move into, or removal to be. Taking the learnings, wisdom and empowerment received allowing it to integrate so you don’t have to repeat the experience down the track in another form. This then allows the opening and connection to the beautiful possibilities that are next for you. It is a magical time.

Much Love xxx

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