2nd April 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Boundaries are being highlighted, watch for irritations that may arise with others. Relationships this April came through in message yesterday (see post) so this may be a ‘theme’ for the month that plays out, what may be highlighted for you this week is where your boundaries with others are out of balance. Sitting put/still within irritation, annoyance and frustration instead of being proactive to make change and bring into balance will just amplify emotions/energy’s for you.  Where are you allowing your boundaries to be overstepped, not standing in your power? Do you hold boundaries with others that honour and respect your time, space, energy and love? Likewise we have to look at how we are also playing a part and treating others, are we overstepping another’s boundaries, are we doing for others or taking on others responsibility when they should be for themselves, and then get frustrated that we have no time for ourselves or feel used?

If these are recurring situations within close relationships particularly is it time that you made active steps towards greater harmony? Balance being another April ‘theme’. What relationships do you value enough to try to improve, or make more effort to find a middle ground or is it showing you that perhaps this relationship, whether close partnership, friendship, or acquaintance is actually done? Resentments build if things aren’t attended to but how much of your time and effort are you willing to put into it? (This feels very blunt, but it is what it is, with love). Don’t rush into anything or make any hot-headed decisions/actions (from the reactive emotions and head). Take a pause and instead ask to be shown what you may be missing or not seeing so you can move past this learning, resolution for the highest good and most benevolent outcome for all. Ask to be shown what you may be missing that is being reflected to you through another.  Observe instead of reacting where you are able, don’t be hard on yourself if you do, take a breath you are human.  It may just be you need more time to reflect on it all for a while to see new perspectives, gain insight and receive more information and thus begin to gain greater clarity about the situation presenting.

With Much Love xxx