Responsibility & Reflection

8th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Reflection today. Is there something you are needing for either from yourself or from another? How are you choosing to be in this day? What are you doing that supports you, what are you doing that moves you forward towards what you are wanting to attract or obtain in your life? How are you showing up for yourself today? Are you leading with the heart or is the mind full and controlling? Are the emotions running the show as the mind is in overdrive? Are you recognising situation and interactions with others that are repeating in some way and bringing in your awareness, your newly learned ways of being and doing and allowing flow within and thus within your reality?

Time to take greater ownership and responsibility of our path, how you are choosing to show up in the world. Awareness to any of the old ways that you still drag around with you, that you haven’t been quite ready to detach from. Whether behaviour, thought pattern, limiting belief, relationship, the things you know are calling for change and you are feeling the resistance as they don’t align with you anymore, they become a struggle or mental battle.

Only we are truly responsible for ourselves so we have to get really honest within ourselves and this can be really hard and see where we either blame another/s for not having what we want or things how we would like them, and see the role we play. The places where we are unhappy, disgruntled or feeling stuck is the responsibility of this on the self or have you shifted it to another?

So today how can you better serve yourself and the vision you have, how are you showing up today and is this assisting or hindering your journey forward? This is more about inner reflection, diving within rather than action today, greater awareness of the self and where your thoughts are and if they are taking you off course, off the path that you are wanting to focus on. Its also important to be patient with yourself here as we can be our hardest critic, don’t give yourself ‘a serve’ as you aren’t happy with where you are, go within and pull out the information that sits within the heart. The Inner Child comes through here as she/he is more than ready to open up to you and help you with this part, just ask. Journaling will help some here, let the words flow from within, unfiltered.

The Angelic realm feels close today so if you find yourself feeling in a bit of a down space around your life, you are reflecting on it all, know you are supported and encouraged to keep going. You are moving through that which you have been letting go of still, allow it to leave, it will come up as emotions and you may not join the dots, and so it feels out of the blue, wonder where it has come from. Its deep within, allow it to rise, feel it and lovingly let it go for you are clearing and releasing old wounds, the very little tail ends for some.

Much Love xxx

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