Compassion as you Let Go

25th August 2021 1 By SoulLee Connected

What is rising from within asking to be let go of? When we are willing to let go and allow what is surfacing to really be felt, witnessed, welcomed (as hard as that may be) we open up space, the room to receive what is ready for us. This allows us to open and connect to another aspect of our consciousness that is ready to be present.Many feeling they are still in the space in-between, the space between the old and the new self, new world, new timeline, and what is asked of us is to let go of our attachments to any outcomes we hold, let go of controlling or trying to control the form and shape we think things will be or how they will come to us. At the same time we are also asked to really be fully aware of where we allow the old patterns and stories to still play out, the old ways of being, doing, behaving, thinking that we know do not align and fit with where we are now and where we are heading. So again the question, what is rising from within, what has the light shone on that is wanting to be let go of? Remember to not be hard on yourself the message of compassion again streaming through, lighten up on yourself if you are finding it deep going, emotionally hard, if you feel pressured to make change. Its to be done on your own terms, in your own time, try not to compare your journey with another for it is completely different, uniquely your experience. Know no matter where you are is perfect, you are already shifting and changing and in each moment we are given opportunity to dive deep and keep unearthing and finding our truths. All you have experienced has got you to this point, and if this point is not comfortable or hard going, frustrating, trying, testing or it is light and joyous, feels expansive all is where you are to be at this point on your evolutionary journey. Nothing is wasted, nothing is lost, keep opening to yourself in your own time, holding compassion and love as you move through and within what you experience is. Hold the light, hold love.There feels an amplification of energies that are activating the healing process for so many, remember your self-compassion and that also for others, non-judgement as best you can, not to allow yourself, your mind to get sucked into separation. We continue to work through and heal the past, the density, the mistruths and illusions so we are able to come into a greater form of expression of our truly magical selves a greater form of self-mastery.

Place your hand/s over your heart and say “I AM Peace, I AM Light, I AM LOVE’. Now take a deep breath into this and as you exhale send this energy,t his truth throughout your entire being. Do it a few times and feel this sit within you, feel the shift.

Much Love and kindness to all xxx

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