Balance, Awareness & Boundaries

10th March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

What is clearly out of balance will rear its head, you will be shown, so what you choose to do with that information and awareness comes down to you, all is choice and to do nothing is also a choice you are making a choice regardless. You can however really assist yourself at this time to step through, past what is holding you back from feeling more connected with yourself by listening to what you are receiving. We do tend to ignore what we know at times as its either too hard, we make excuses, put it off to tomorrow or allow our old unhelpful unloving habits to run the show. Your awareness is the first step, your acknowledgement of what is out of balance and from there all is choice. Remember there is no wrong and you can only do it in your own time when you are ready but be mindful of the excuses you are telling yourself and can you step past that resistance and see what is on the other side? This is Spirits message. What possibilities aware awaiting to open to you in taking a step of faith. You may try and fail and try again a few times, that does not matter when we are changing habits of a lifetime or lifetimes its hard, its ‘work’, all is perfect, celebrate your efforts no matter how small, you slip up or back don’t let it deter you, acknowledge it and try again, make little steps instead of trying to climb the whole mountain in one leap.

Again the support around you to love yourself show up for yourself, radiate that beautiful heart out into the world is monumental. A big part of honouring yourself is getting boundaries in place that support and nurture you as a whole, that respect and serve you well so you don’t find yourself within situations with others, commitments you have agreed to that you really didn’t want to be within. This is all a part of really listening to the body’s messages, the solar plexus feelings as the energy of your words ripples through your being, you feel it when you (say) have agreed to something you don’t want to or that is an old patterned way of being saying yes before feeling, over pleasing and regretting then worrying about letting someone down, its creates within. Listen to the body and tune in to it, it is a powerful guidance system it is a part of you here to help you, listen to your intuitive knowing, a powerful team they are together to guide you and expand you.

With absolute Love xxx

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